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          您當前的位置:首頁 大陸橋產品 真人秀 REALITY SHOW

          青春季1+2 We Are Young – Season I &Season II

          時       長:    8*60´

          題       材:    傳奇秀場

          購片電話:    010-82020411









          WE ARE YOUNG is a reality show about Chinese and Western exchange students who spend 30 days living and studying in each other’s countries. 

          Season II follows four 13-14 year-old students from each country, focusing on their education and family relationships. 

          For a teenager, an entire month is no short stint, and living in a foreign country can be quite the challenge! While such an experience is certainly new and exciting, adapting to a completely unfamiliar place can bring its fair share of difficulties and frustrations. The students’ experiences provide an interesting reflection on the cultural differences between China and the West. Experiencing these differences first-hand broadens the students’ perspectives, helping them become more open-minded and giving them a better understanding of the global village we share. 

          When you were a teenager, were you curious about the lives of people your age in other countries? What might they eat? What are their favourite TV shows? How would they deal with school pressures, assignment deadlines, family issues? Would they stress out as much as you about exams? 

          Follow these teens’ journeys and you might just find all these answers and more in Season II of WE ARE YOUNG! 

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